Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cuti pulau (this is avery very veryyy long-due post, mind you)

The trip happened some time in early Aug. Ok first lemme tell you that i am not really the beach and sunshine type of girl. My definition of a beach holiday is lazying in a hammock somewhere by the beach while reading a book. Mandi air laut masin tu kira pantang lah and takat celup2 kaki basah sampai paras lutut je. Hehe. But this Redang trip totally changed that! It was the trigerring point of a passionate love affair with snorkelling, sun, sea, sand aaand snorkelling. Hehe. And since then, i cant wait for our next island holiday. Mabul perhaps, mr.man?

We went there with 8 friends, in 3 separate cars driving from kl all the way until merang jetty in Terengganu. We kicked off the journey on Thursday nite at around 10ish pm. I was really excited!! There were 2 other close friends in our car. Our first stop was at r&r Genting Sempah, having made a promise to wait for the other 2 cars. Sumpah sejuk gile genting sempah tu at almost midnite. Most of the kedai makan dah tutup anyways and menunggulah kami di situ. Lucky there was a kedai still opened and we ordered teh and nescafe tarik to kill the time. I saw a few groups of travellers lepaking there and based on their attire, i reckon they are also heading to the east coast for a taste of sunny beaches. Waaahhh.. Makin excited ok. Not long after that the rest of our friends arrived and we took off. Well, i dozed off as soon as i went in the car and terjaga bila they stopped for petrol and toilet breaks.

(Tip: Wear comfy clothes. It was nightime & noone will see u anyways. No need for makeup and stuff like tht coz u'll only wake up with runny mascara. )

Since what I did the whole time during journey is bangun dan tidur, tau2 je around 7-ish like that dah sampai Terengganu, yay! We paid a visit to a drive-through McD, tapau some breakfast and continued our journey to Jeti Merang. Ok there was some drama coz we were pretty late to catch the earliest boat to Redang. Campur sesat2 lagi. Memang driver dah stress sebab driving the whole nite tak tido2 lagi. But alhamdulillah, dalam sesat2 tu, we managed to find our way and tadaaaa, selamat sampai di Jeti Merang. Expect nothing much coz the jetty is quite "traditional", meaning nothing canggih, all kayu, very old-school jetty lah. Sampai sana terus cari parking. Managed to find one with sort of covered sebab nak tinggal 3-4 hari kan. It costs RM 10 ke RM 15 per day. The parking rate here is more pricey than the one in Jeti Kuala Terengganu. Jeti KT tu lagi proper covered and cost around 4-5 hinggit je per day kot. (This is what hubby told me). But It is much nearer to get to Pulau Redang from Jeti Merang. The timing was nice as a few minutes waiting, the boat arrived.

(Tip: Travel as light as possible :) Maybe now is the time where you can leave your gazillions of makeup kit at home? Hehe..No need for luggage yg tarik2 tu. Use backpack ke, duffel bag ke. Senang and lasak. Ye lah, boat kan, kalau basah ke apa.. Nak angkat pun senang.)

Off we we went into the boat and after a smooth journey (no huge waves, nice weather so nobody got seasick much), we arrived at Pulau Redang. The chalet that we stayed in was Mutiara Redang. It has its own private beach and own jetty. Jetty dia lagi cantek dar Jeti Merang. Haha. This resort is not located at the beach where Redang Beach, Redang Lagoon and the likes are located. So there's privacy. Suitable if nak buat family day ke or honeymooners. But as for me, i don't mind staying at the more public beach sebab lagi byk facilities kalau tetiba lapar ke, nak pegi kedai ke. There was food provided but you know lah kadang2 tak kena dgn tastebud kita.

(Tip: If you're staying at a private beach like me, you bettery bring along food like tidbits coz there's no kedai there. True there is free flow of beverages and roti + kaya + mentega + jem but kalau tanak muak, just spare some kudap-kudapan lah k) 

And since it was a private beach, when the nite came, it was either we were all worn out sebab all out snorkelling time siang so bantai tido je lepas dinner, or duduk depan chalet buat unggun api and nyanyi2 dgn gitar kapok. Haha. Very the in touch with the nature gitu.

(Tip: Untuk takmo boring you can organize your own bbq. Like we did. The resort have one but saje je la nak tambah aktiviti kan.)

(Tip: It is advisabale to bring dry-fit attire coz there was a lot of snorkelling activities. Nanti tak sempat kering. And boleh la pack light kalau ada dry-fit. I saw some at Uniqlo for women.)

So for the next 2 days, memang pagi petang adalah snorkelling which I lovedddd!!! Such serenity being in the water. Like you can forget about everything else - your piling workload, your sucky bosses, bitchy people at work etc. It was just you, the sea and the beach. Satu je kurang, takde hammock banyak2 macam dekat public beach tu. Kalau ada memang lagi terbaik lah.

All in all. The trip was great!! On the way back from Terengganu to KL, we stopped by a few places like Pasar Payang, tempat lunch yg best tapi lupa apa nama dia and the famous tempat makan keropok lekor. Aaahh... Memang rejuvenating. Am definitely looking forward to go back there!!

Baiklah, some lomo pictures of my Redang vacation.

The private jetty of the chalet. Lihatlah air biru!

just arrived - happy faces

Redang Mutiara - where we stayed

a glimpse of the chalets..

the dining hall

the beach :)

perfect getaway - me, mr.man and mr.beach

during sunset.

masa untuk pulang...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

After 1 beautiful year....

Hello hello people! I'm back. (yeah i know, i've been saying that in the past). Just a humble attempt to update a lil' something about my life. It has been a year we were happily married :). So what's new? A LOT happened. Will go into detail later. Just some quickie updates. I am still working at the same place, different dept though, but pretty much the same place. Work-wise, i feel like i am dying slowly inside. Love life-wise, everything is awesome!! I like being a wife. Very much. But a working wife, hmm that's a diferent story altogether. Sometimes i wish i can just quit my full time job and be a full time housewife. Whatever happened to the career-minded and ambitious person once? I learnt that if you are acknowledged enough and happy, then you can also be a fun person  at your workplace. Which is not really happening la kan. Hence the reason i feel like quitting already.

Anyhowwww, both me and my lovely husband will be going through a different yet exciting phase in our life soon. I am personally very very nervous but happy at the same time. Hehe... Hopefully all will go well :)

So what's your plan for the coming Christmas and New Year? I need a break from all these work craziness. Hope you have a pleasant vacation too :)

Just some random pic during our honeymoon last year. Wish to go there again...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

hello world!

After a looong break, here i am, back at this blog's doorstep :) (Let's just hope that this spirit will last, ey)

I have a LOT of updates; pertaining to my work life, my love life after being married (it's awesome yaww!), my vacation trips, my family, oh god there's just so many. 

Anyways, i am gonna start with strings of mild warm up exercises to my brain (and yours) with an update on Urbanscapes 2011. It was held at Padang Astaka, PJ. It was sunny and both me and Mr Lefty were sweating like p*gs. I think it was held at quite a strategic location. Ample parking (we parked at Amcorp Mall), easy access (just off the Federal Highway), and if at anytime if we feel like using the loo, boleh la jalan je pegi balik to amcorp mall. Of course they have these portable toilets, tapi saya tak lalu lah. Hehe.

It was my first Urbanscapes and when we first arrived, it reminded me a lot of Sunburst. I still remember when me and mr.lefty went to the first Sunburst, we were just boyfriend and girlfriend back then. Ah,how time flies kan. 

The creative art festival goers were all trendy, I tell you! There were lotsa tudung-wearing girls in super awesome outfits. The styles were so trendy. Combination of tops and bottoms were so sooo edgy and creative and the scarves-styling was ahhhh... Fabulousity! Memang macam nak pegi Coachella lah. Oh I am SO inspired by the scene. Tak sempat la pulak nak snap2 pictures of what the people were wearing ala The Sartorialist. 

There were stalls set up selling clothes, fashion accessories, really awesome handmade stuff, macam2 lah. Quite a number of familiar online shopping blogs participated. I like! I managed to grab some stuff for myself. There was also a lomo wall where lomo pics were put on display. Super awesome cool stuff lah. Inspired, again :) Dont worry as there were also food stalls, if you're hungry. Ada stall jual cucuk2 (mahai kemain, RM2 per lidi), air warna warni, cupcakessss, muffins, mee goreng yang goreng depan mata macam kat pasar malam, nasik2 bungkus annnd the list goes on. 

And best of all, there were live bands! So by just paying RM30 for entry to this festival (you'll be given a wrist-tag for multi-entry purposes), you get to shop (for seriously very cool stuff), take amazing photos of trendy festival goers (and be inspired just like me!), maybe bump into famous celebs, enjoy live performances by talented bands and solo singers and you get to do all these by not having to worry of starving as there were delicious food available. The line-ups were amazing okay. There were well-known names like Bunkface, Najwa, Azlan & The Typewriter (tak sempat tengok), also not-so-mainstream ones but equally awesome like Reza Salleh (teringat kenangan jumpa dia during Rock The World), Lab The Rat and many many more. 

Let's enjoy some pictures, shall we. All taken using iphone lomo. Dont you just looove technology :)

 we were welcome by this

 this spells old-school awesomeness

 pictures on display

reza salleh performing

najwa - great vocals!

it was so sunny that i managed to capture these

as the sun starting to set... 

the love affair with Urbanscapes

So all in all, we had a great time at Urbanscapes. Even managed to bump into long lost friend, Faiz who's now busy working with Yuna and the likes. We got back home, all worn out (is it the age factor?Hmmm..), bought amazing goodies but happy happy joy joy to the max.

Till we meet again next year, Urbanscapes!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i miss....

I miss the days when i had the freedom to do things just because i wanted to. I miss being fun. I miss being crazy with my girlfriends. We all have our own lives to live nowadays. Not that it's bad thing because we move on to new chapters in our lives. I miss shopping. Like, really, major-spendthrift-mission-shop-till-you-drop, buying stuff that you don't even need. I miss playing dressing up acording to what i feel that day. During uni days, I dressed up creatively to express my thoughts and feelings. Which i couldn't do now coz if i did, kena discplinary action pulak. I miss feeling that I could change the world. I miss the feeling of thinking that I was unique and had something extraordinary to offer to the world, and somewhat that made me feel special eventhough in reality it wasnt really true. Heh. I miss being on my own, taking charge of how to manouver my own life (while wearing a pair of sexy, killer heels). I miss making decisions without thinking twice. I miss walking along the Brisbane river in the evenings, breathing in fresh air. It always did wonders to clear my head.I miss being surrounded by strangers in a foreign land, where I could hide behind my anonimity and do whatever i wanna do. I miss earning RM5 per hour for an honest day of work, and somehow, still feeling happy at the end of the day. Those were the days where i didnt have to think about the future, just living a carefree life. I miss meeting positive-minded and happy people who seems content with their simple lives although they were struggling to make ends meet. I miss the times when the only expectations that i had to meet were my own.

I stumbled upon these simple yet wise words, which i feel i have to share it.

"In life, there will always be things, or people, that make us cry, that betray us, that steal from us, that make us wanna kill ourselves at a certain point of time. But let go. Let go of the anger, the grudge, and any intention for revenge. Let go and see the bigger picture. An unhappy moment in life, is just another moment among other moments to come. Let go and move on.

And let go of the people who hurt you. They are toxic. It's nice to be nice, but it's wiser to be wise. I believe God taught us to be nice to people, but God never told us to please everyone we know. We have the right to do the right thing. And as the owner of our own life, we know what's right for us."

:: source ::

Sunday, January 23, 2011


on 26th Nov 2010....

the deal is sealed!

bride's reception - black n white theme 

mi familia

whoooo's next?!?!

groom's reception - purple theme

sessi bergambar

Monday, August 02, 2010

sepatu idaman kalbu

Okaayyy... I am in dilemma of choosing my wedding shoes. Do i want to be sweet, classy or just downright bold & quirky? Confuuuseeeeeee.. Ok2 memanglaa org tak nampak sgt pun kita pakai kasut apa nnt..Tapi u knwwwwww... they have THAT same effect like lingeries do. It's the way how they made you FEEL..Cecececece.... And lagipun boleh saja2 nak gedik2 pening2 kepala pusing satu KL carik kasut... (Whaaaattttt..*i Know you're giving me THAT look* If Mr.Man can pusing2 satu KL, keluar masuk 88 kedai jam, tapi still x beli2 gak jam dia..I wanna do the same too :p. Disclaimer: Tapi ketika saat ni jam Mr.Man dah dibeli lah..Hehe..)

Stumbled upon a few wedding shoes...

1) Shot sepatu pink ni comel kan? Ok ini adalah pose wajib utk cincin kahwin saya :D
2) Oh saya suka warna biru ini!!! Veryyy the daring! Sayang nya bukan warna tema saya...

1) I love the bling2.. In fact puas gak meronda2 carik kasut ber bling2 tapiiii...Agak sukar jumpa yg saya suka.. Bling2 yg classy bukan yg tacky ye...
2) Yang ada rose ni pun cute. Simple tp elegant

Plain je. Less is more

Quirky and cute okay! If only.......

Oh saya SANGAT suka yg gaya ala2 mcm ni. Macam gladiator sket. Super-high tapi chunky kat banagian depan so berdiri lama2 xdela saket kaki.. Mungkin bole main kejar2 polis entry kot.. Haha..

Okla tu je... Tgh2 survey lagi ni. I went to Parkson and Isetan KLCC tadi.. Oh boy oh boyyyy.. Do they have worth-to-drool-over shoes or whattttt.. Dahla tgh sale. Nine West punya sale is veryyy the menarik. Tp sayang nya kasut yg i nak tu takde my size. 6 1/2 got. But 6 they dont have. Sniff snifff..... Cantik tau. Dia adalah peep toe. Material satin. Kaler silver. Pastu kat depan dia ada bow kecik pastu ada bling2 sket.. Simple je.

Oh yesterday I went to Pavillion. Saya suka foodcourt dia. Sedap tapi MAHAL cekik darah. I went to ALDO, Nine West, Tangs, Charles & Keith anddddd Jimmy Chia. Adek beradek Jimmy Choo kot. Mungkin adek bongsu sbb harga dia murah sket takdela ribu2 mcm Jimmy Choo. Can get a pair at RM160 if not mistaken. Tu before diskaun tau..Hehe.. This shop is located next to Tangs. And sama level dgn Aldo, 9 West etc etc... Menarik tau kasut2 dia. Sesuai sgt2 lah kalau nk pakai masa wedding day nnt. Byk choice yg ada bling2. Tapi somehow.. Takde yg menarik hati pulak.. Ok mungkin kene pay a 2nd visit kot. Sbb haritu cam rushing2 ada ORANG TU GEDIK NAK BALIK CEPAT *roll eyes*

Oh Aldo sale is super cool too. Sila pergi Aldo dekat OU ye. I think they have more choices. Yang kat Pavillion macam suam2 kuku je.. Serious murah. Bole la dapat kasut bling2 arnd RM120 camtu..So it's worth checking out :) Tak beli pun sebab terlalu tinggi. Ada yang pengantin patah pinggang pulak nnt diri lama2.. Unless your a master of wearing a 6-inch heels sambil main hoola2 hoop...

Okla tu je.. Nak sambung buat kira2. Payroll lock dah nk dekat T_T

Thursday, July 29, 2010

the countdown has officially started....

Hi all!!! It has been a long, looong, loooonggg, loonnngggg hiatus for this blog. Bukan taknak update. But seriously, banyak sangat kerja. Week days memang jangan harap bukak blogger. JANGAN harap. Dengan kadang2 internet office yang ntah hapa2 nya. Weekends pulak, I'd be busy with the wedding preparations. If ada pun masa nak update, it was either i was too tired or too lazy. Hehe.. Since I arrived early this morning, maka i update lah this blog. (Just in case anyone misses me ke..Ha Ha Ha..) Before 7 dah tercegat depan KLCC. I'm amazed with myself.

Anyhouuuuuuuu...i'd like to do a lil' updating on my wedding preparation. Overall, everything is quite well.. Cuma there were times that i nearly went crazy.Mana nk satisfy hati parents, hati bakal MIL annnddd do i need to mention the hubby-to-be? Oh god.Seriously boleh gile. Haha. But all in all oklah kot.. Oh did tell you lovelies that I was away on Jakarta-Bandung trip haritu? It was FUN! Tho lepas tu menyesal sebab i burnt super big holes in my pocket. Heh. I went with Mr.Man's family. Crash tido sebilik, jalan berkonvoi. Lama x jalan ramai2 mcm ni.. The main purpose of going to Indon was not solely for the wedding but more like a family vacation. But how i wish I could spend MORE time in those hot spots with wedding stuffs. I managed to get kain2 for my wedding dresses and some accessories to go with it. Tu je. Lain2 tu byk spend on unnecessary things. Asyik pegi the factory outlets je. Habes duittttt. T_T

Ok back to the wedding preparations. Last week I had a trial makeup with this one makeup artiste. I heard about her from a friend.She's still youn. Baru 23. Tapi i loiikkee her work very2 much. Harga-cheap. Cheap okk. With the work that she produced. Alaa tapi gambar ni didn't do justice lah. But i like how she made me still looked like me but with more enhanced features, like how she highlighted my eyes... Oh believe me if i tell you i've been to the worsttttt makeup trial in the world history. This time memang waaay better. Seriously. Dah takde simpan dah lagi gamba2 trial dulu tu. Terus delete..Malu nak tgk muka sendiri. T_T

Best kan? I suka! Kalau korang tak suka talpe, janji i suka. Ha Ha Ha..

She has a blog too :)  Go check it out and tell me what you think..

Ohhhh perkara PALING penting on the big day nanti. The wedding dress!! Have sent all the kains to the tailor few weeks back. 2nd or 3rd week of puasa ada first fitting. Yay!! Oh baju kahwin pun ada dra ma jugak okkk... Nanti i tell you all later2.. Lebih kurang tailor yang ala2 rude gitu and besau kepala sampai I pegi jumpa dia balik and ambik balik kain2 tu semua and hantar kat tailor lain. Naseb baikkkkkkkkkk jumpa this one tailor yg best jugak. She used to work for Lynda Rahim. So doa2 kan lah supaya hasil kerjanya best ok? Well to those who were wondering why i amik tailor biasa2 je and not some big names designers.. (Eventhough gaji dah revised recently :p) Well...Of courselah budget kan? Not that I can't BUT rasa sayang nk mencurahkan (air di daun keladi) duit gitu2 je. Usually people will go to designers for their signature touch.Something unique yang takde kat orang lain's bajus. But as for me, I already have the design that i want soooo might as well cari je tailor yang boleh jahit elok2 supaya baju itu turn out serupa dalam gambar yang saya nak. Kan? But for future brides who have the means to spend on designer, why not try kan.. Cuma nya saya seorang yang rather spend bigger on my honeymoon instead of the wedding. Hehe...

Ok here's a sneak peek of my reception dress:

Sekali lagi..gambar ini didnt do justice. Hehe...

Tandang dress will look something this except that it's gonna be in lavender-ish. Just a simple kurung moden. Coz I was thinking of wearing it again. Hehe..

Baiklah lovelies! Sampai di sini sahaja... Next entry i'll be telling you guys pasal hantaran2 pulak k..